Barbecued chicken

Everyone loves this smoky super filling barbecued chicken especially in cold. It is super easy to make. You can enjoy it with a hot bowl of soup or fresh juice according to your choice, with fresh salad or grilled veggies.

My mother made mughlai style whole stuffed chicken with thick luscious gravy that we enjoyed with naan and roomali roti (indian breads) in biting winters. She stuffed lots of nuts and sultanas along boiled eggs in chicken’s belly and tied it elegantly with thread and slowly cooked the bird in aromatic indian garam masala with yoghurt and saffron on charcoal. The hot piping murgh musallam was really a great treat for us in shivering cold.

So guys now it’s your take ; decide what recipe you want. My mother’s style murgh musalman or my version of stuffed barbecued/grilled chicken.

Do share your opinion and till then just enjoy my version of grilled chickens pics.

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  1. That’s not fair, I mean… describing mom’s mouthwatering cooking method & sharing delicious looking picture’s of your cooked dish😍 & making us decide😐

    We want both recipes😁❀😊

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    1. azratarannum says:

      I’ll share the recipe soon!😊

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  2. azratarannum says:

    Thanks for your encouragement and compliment!!😊 Soon, I’ll share both

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  3. neelstoria says:

    My mouth is watering!

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    1. azratarannum says:

      Well it IS a mouthwatering dish πŸ˜‹

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  4. Shanthini says:

    Recipe please..looks very delicious!

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    1. azratarannum says:

      Yeah, Sure..Soon I’ll share the recipe!😊

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